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Earl-Archeress Update

An Earl for the Archeress released on July 24th, my first book in my new Ladies of Scotland series! I couldn’t be happier. The Earl of Huntington never expects the challenge he gets in Mariel Crawford, nor does he expect to fall for her. Check out what people are saying on Goodreads and Amazon!

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I’m thrilled to be an Author at the 2018 Barbara Vey Luncheon in April! Luncheon tickets sold out super fast, but there are still some breakfast tickets available. So many great authors to meet. Check out the Facebook Group Here and join!


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gold_star_9gold_star_9gold_star_9gold_star_9gold_star_9Prince of Lions demands a sequel. This fast-paced story has it all. There are battles of muscle and mind, high drama, plenty of action in a highlands setting, believable characters, colorful descriptions, and authentic medieval language.  Oh, and yes, there IS romance. The twists and turns and unpredictability of events makes the romance that much sweeter. By the end of the book, I wanted Prince of Lions to become a family saga. Watson does not disappoint.” -reader review, Ellicott Meadows Book Club

gold_star_9gold_star_9gold_star_9gold_star_9gold_star_9“I opened this book expecting a romance novel and boy was I happily surprised! I guess you MAY slightly classify it as a romance since the guts of the story is about a man and a woman. But, really? I felt like I was experiencing something more along the lines of The Game of Thrones… It has all the action, adventure, blood, battles, and bits of juicy sex you could ever want in an amazing tale of Knights and Ladies!


gold_star_9gold_star_9gold_star_9gold_star_9gold_star_9“Unforgettable Hero and Heroine! An Adventure to the End!” “Watson has an authentic voice and writes with a style that will leave you wanting more. Great new author; I highly recommend!”

gold_star_9gold_star_9gold_star_9gold_star_9gold_star_9“Loved it!” “Simply delightful!” “Brilliant new author; highly recommend.”

gold_star_9gold_star_9gold_star_9gold_star_9gold_star_9“I loved this book! I was surprised at all the twists.”

gold_star_9gold_star_9gold_star_9gold_star_9gold_star_9 “I don’t have the words to write the perfect review for this book… beautifully flawed characters and perfect writing.”

gold_star_9gold_star_9gold_star_9gold_star_9gold_star_9 “Great character development, surprising plot twists, and an all-around enjoyable book.”

gold_star_9gold_star_9gold_star_9gold_star_9gold_star_9“I cried, I laughed, I loved… Pure enjoyment to read.”

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