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Happy Holidays!

I had a wonderful time at both the Berkeley Springs Book Fest, as well as the annual Baltimore Book Fest. Time to hunker down for winter. If you haven’t grabbed Christmas Wore Plaid yet, it is now FREE on Kindle Unlimited! Or just 99 cents to grab your ebook.

I was so thrilled to include Christmas Wore Plaid in the 2018 charity anthology, Love Rekindled at Christmas. It brought in $1000! Here are the links to grab my novella now.


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Other News:

57486615_10214756067756435_7880363581898752000_nWestward Bound, a collection of 3 short fiction stories, releases on April 27th! *Note: Grab your copy by clicking here to download. Featured story, Freedom in the Raw, was a 2013 Honorable Mention recipient in the Texas Observer Short Story contest, and I’m excited to include The Encounter and The Irishman’s Secret with the bundle. If you like short, western fiction–these aren’t romances–make sure to grab an ebook and leave a brief–and much appreciated–review afterward.

Freedom in the Raw (2013 Texas Observer Short Story Contest Honorable Mention Recipient): Cora is desperate to escape her harsh life, plagued by drought in the Nebraska Territory, and throws caution to the wind when she is befriended by an unlikely ally.

The Encounter: Bleeding Kansas is in turmoil as it vies for statehood, and Elsa must protect her homestead from riders, uncertain if they are friend or foe.

The Irishman’s Secret: While cleaning out their parents’ farmhouse attic, sisters Kate and Moira discover a locket containing the image of a mysterious 19th century woman. The locket holds a piece of family history that neither woman has ever heard about.



Two Brides for Ewan de Buchan is available now! I love the cover, and I’m so happy to finally be bringing it you. Click below to grab your copy!

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The Maiden’s Defender:  Click here to buy from all major booksellers! Available on all e-reader platforms. Make sure to find it on Goodreads and leave a quick review!

An Earl for the Archeress released on July 24th, my first book in my new Ladies of Scotland series! I couldn’t be happier. The Earl of Huntington never expects the challenge he gets in Mariel Crawford, nor does he expect to fall for her. Check out what people are saying on Goodreads and Amazon! Grab your copy on all major book retailer websites!

Join my newsletter Hear Ye! Hear Ye! by visiting my contact page! And make sure to check out my novella, One Scottish Knight! Newly released on April 29th, and only $0.99! Get it here!  Grab your copy of Son of Ballymead!  VisitYouTube for the official book trailer! “Everything you would hope for…” -Reader review. Buy it now!



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