About Elizabeth Watson


I write historical romance with a particular fondness for medieval Scottish and English romance, and am a member of RWA (Romance Writers of America) as well as the Maryland Chapter – “Maryland Romance Writers.” I’ve recently signed a contract with Entangled Publishing and am excited to join their Select Historical Imprint with my upcoming 2017 release A Lady at Arms. I am also pleased to announce that Son of Ballymead, Book 2 in my Prince of Lions series will be released in early 2017. In 2014, my unpublished manuscript entitled Two Brides for Ewan de Buchan received a Second Prize as a quarter-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest, and currently the book is being pushed towards publication. Other writing achievements include a 2013 Honorable Mention in the Texas Observer’s Short Story Competition for my short story entitled Freedom in the Raw, and before that, I and my book, The Ghost of William Feargach, were featured in an interview conducted by the Temple Daily Telegram. This book was republished as Prince of Lions in January 2016 with a beautiful new cover you can find here. Though my very first publications occurred as a child when my books The First Snowfall and The Story about Rider were “published” by my elementary school librarian, my first professional publications consisted of academic articles for two archaeology journals, based on my college and grad school research.

As a woman with many interests, I’ve done my best to narrow them down to a manageable amount. First, I am a mother of four boys. Yes. Four. This means that there is a pile of dirty laundry claiming permanent residence in front of my clothes washer, and something is inevitably always broken. My husband works in finance, though he holds an MFA in printmaking, and I myself hold an MLitt in Archaeology with a specialty in prehistoric rock art. I did a stint as a fine arts major as well, and even though I changed study courses, still draw and sew frequently. The hubby and I enjoy traveling whenever the opportunity and resources allow it, and we love interesting foods. Though explorers at heart, we live on a wooded mountainside in West Virginia and hike with our yellow lab whenever possible. We have moved about the United States and even the United Kingdom, where I studied at Newcastle University and worked as an assistant on a multi-institutional historical research study. My love of historical romance was born while living in Northern England. While studying prehistoric art and living in the midst of history dating back to the medieval and in some places, the Iron and Bronze age, even the Neolithic, how could I not see a fiction story developing out of everything I saw? After graduating with my Master’s Degree, I landed a job as a clinical research coordinator for biomedical research studies, and certainly my research skills were put to good use. But the writer in me, the “imaginer” of historical themes and tales of romance born out of the British heritage that I was lucky enough to live immersed within, was restless and therefore, I have finally taken on writing full-time.

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