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Hear ye! Hear ye!


Happy 2019! I’m finally getting a newsletter together, after a long time, (shhh, since last summer to be exact…). I’d intended to get this newsletter out last week, but things got delayed. Have no fear, I have not onLove-Rekindled-at-Christmas-Cover (1).jpge, but TWO wonderful giveaways included below! One of which is a signed copy of Grace Burrowes’ latest novel, My One and Only Duke! A special thanks to all of you who downloaded the 2018 holiday charity anthology, Love Rekindled at Christmas, which included my novella Christmas Wore Plaid. It was a recommended read by USA TODAY’S Happily Ever After blog, and I managed to snag a few paperbacks of the anthology for myself, (one of which I’ll give away to a lucky winner below, too). We’ll know the total profits we raised by springtime, and a donation will be made then. 


cwp_md (1)But first, NEWS! Christmas Wore Plaid is now available for ebook pre-order! I so love this cover. The colors, the composition, they’re all so lovely and subdued. On Jan 28th, the novella releases. Though Christmas is over, I hope you’ll consider snagging a copy to store away for next winter, or to snuggle in with while the weather is still cold and snowy. At least, it’s snowy where I’m at. (My back yard below).


Description: When Scarlet Fever forced Emerson Lindt to move to England, her only consolation was Brady MacInnes’ promise of writing–letters that never arrived. When she returns to Scotland years later, Brady is adamant that he never betrayed her. And though poverty plagues Scotland and stretches Brady’s pocketbook, their love for each other flares anew. Can a Christmas miracle and the spirit of giving finally grant them a future together after they were denied marriage so long ago?

**This novella was originally published in the Love Rekindled at Christmas 2018 holiday anthology. Buy from: 


banffThis summer, I’ll be hitting the road again to travel. At the end of August, I’ll be headed to Banff in Canada, to hike in some of the most beautiful countryside (apart from my dear Scotland, of course)! Because my Scotland Postcard flash giveaway was such a hit last year, I’ll be doing it again with postcards from the Canadian Rockies. More about that in the coming months! (Photo credit: traveltriangle.com/blog/banff-national-park/)

Topic of the newsletter: Historical Dress:

As a writer of historical novels, I often search for information on historical dress. The way fashion has evolved over time, whether utilitarian garments, or decorative dress, has always interested me, and of course, it’s important to me that I portray it realistically in my books. Woman’s garments were more complicated than men’s in the eras I write within. One of the things I recently looked up was 18th century dress, and I came across this short video of a woman donning the various layers of her wardrobe, with explanations why. Tell me in the comments below,  are you happy in jeans, sweats, and yoga pants? Or would you like to wear what this woman does each day? Video linked below:



maddy-smlI’m so pleased to introduce you to fellow Entangled author, Maddison Michaels! Maddison has been a prolific reader and writer of historical romance ever since she was fourteen, when she picked up her first Amanda Quick novel. She is the bestselling author of THE DEVILISH DUKE and THE ELUSIVE EARL, and she has taken the romance world by storm. Maddison was so kind to answer a couple questions for me:

1. What inspires you to write romance? 

Maddison: “I love, love! I’m inspired to write romances as I think everyone should have a happy ending, which is what a romance novel provides to a reader. You always feel good when the characters you’ve been cheering on through pages of a novel, get their happy ever after. It’s empowering, it’s inspiring and it’s just beautiful!”

2. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Maddison: “Oh I’d love to visit Egypt and explore the pyramids! All that ancient history, just fascinates me!”
theelusiveearl-500px-(1)Her latest book, The Elusive Earl, shows that opposites do attract:

Brianna Penderley has a knack for getting into precarious situations, especially when it comes to her love for archaeology. In the heart of Naples, her terrible Italian has her accidentally becoming engaged to two men at the same time. Of course, Daniel Wolcott—the Earl of Thornton and the only man ever able to vex her—shows up to rescue h

Daniel has spent the majority of his life exercising rigid control over his emotions, determined never to become the rake his father was. But when he goes to aid his mentor’s danger-prone niece once again, he finds himself struggling to control his attraction to a woman who is his complete opposite.

When their situation goes from bad to worse, Daniel and Brianna find themselves swept up into a perilous adventure, and they must work together to set things right. Now, if they can just avoid killing each other in the process.

Download from: AmazonAmazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, iTunes, B&N, KOBO

Make sure to follow Maddison on social media: 



*** This giveaway is closed.  And the winners are… (drum roll)

  1. My One and Only Duke signed by Grace Burrowes–Glenda M
  2. Love Rekindled at Christmas holiday anthology signed by me–Colleen C

Congrats, ladies!

As is the tradition with my newsletters, I have a wonderful giveaway…or two! I have been sitting on this one for a while, and I’m sooooo excited to tell you about it! A little while back, Grace Burrowes gave me a signed copy of her newest book, My One and Only Duke, in hopes that I would pass it along to a lucky reader. Also, my holiday charity anthology has disbanded now that Christmas is over. But I snagged a few copies of the paperback anthology, and I’d love to sign a copy and give it away, too! (That’s five holiday novellas in one book). Scroll down for instructions.

one and only duke49582342_2078589922187992_8518506696002240512_o 1537917600

Two names will be selected via a random number generator on Monday, January 21st–the first, winning Grace’s book, the second, winning the anthology. Here’s how to enter:

  1. Shoot me an email through my CONTACT ELIZABETH PAGE (This link or via the contact link at the top), and Write “Happy 2019 giveaway!” in the subject. 
  2. One entry per person, please and thanks, to keep things fair.
  3. Make sure to enter before midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST) on Sunday, 01/20/2019. 
  4. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, January 23rd, and I will contact winners via email individually when I get home from traveling. Best of luck! And as always, authors thrive on reviews. If you’ve read any of my books, Grace’s books, or Maddison’s, and enjoyed the story, don’t be shy, tell the world why!

Make sure to follow me on Bookbub, Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads if you haven’t already! I update these forums regularly. 




3 thoughts on “Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Elizabeth Watson’s Newsletter

  1. Really enjoyed One Scottish Knight I read it a couple weeks ago. Thank you for the signed copy, refrigerator magnet and bookmark. I received them today. I really like any books with a Scottish theme to them.
    Thank you again.
    Heidi Nininger

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