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Happy Fall! It’s my favorite time of the year. And where I live, the mornings have started to cool off. Some leaves are starting to drift down, though it won’t be until next month that they hit their full glory (1)This is, in my opinion, the perfect hiking weather! Something I do quite a lot of. What’s your favorite season? Feel free to mention it in the comments section! But first: great news!

Book News Book News Book Neeeewwwws!

(Can you tell I’m excited?)

I promised, and now I delivered. I am just a handful of weeks away from a fabulous cover reveal for my Scottish romance releasing from Entangled! But I have a brand new Scottish historical romance up for pre-order right now, too. I’m thrilled to be part of an all-original anthology of Medieval romances with five other authors. Read about it here!


Original novellas by O’Donnell… Kean… Watson… Markland… Welfonder… MacRae 

Let six award-winning and bestselling authors sweep you away to Medieval Scotland and England for the holidays, with six never-before published tales of Yuletide rogues who steal their ladies’ hearts. Whether tales of midwinter legends, daring escapes, and second chance love, or pirates, bets, and outwitting villains, a merry sort of mayhem abounds! O’Donnell, Kean, Watson, Markland, Welfonder, and MacRae deliver heartwarming novellas sure to tug your heartstrings and warm your coldest midwinter days.

And my contribution? The Capture of Finnan MacLeod! I love this story of star-crossed lovers who do what they must to overcome. With this braw Highland laird and a clever Highland lady, nothing is impossible.

Merry Mayhem: A Collection of Yuletide Rogues and Outlaws releases at the beginning of November, just in time for the holidays. Pre-order by clicking here!

Other News!

Did you know I have an alter ego on Facebook? Many of you follow my Medieval/Scottish page, where I spend most of my time chatting with readers and sharing inspiring or funny pictures or links related to the Medieval and Scotland. But because I have a new contemporary cowboy romance series launching in 2022 with Tule Publishing, I’ve started a page specifically for my cowboys! If you want to follow my historical page, or if you read outside of the historical genre and want to follow my cowboys, click your choice below:

Whether in kilts with swords, or pearl snaps and stetsons, my rugged heroes wear plaid!

Featured Author

Author Brenna Ash. (Photo by Chris Kridler)

I am so pleased to highlight my friend, Brenna Ash! Brenna writes paranormal and historical romances set in Florida and Scotland. She loves chocolate, Scotland, Outlander and SOA, not necessarily in that order. When she’s not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family and reading by the pool with a frozen drink in hand.

She has an awesome new pirate romance JUST out. Check it out!

A Pirate’s Wrath

A strong-willed woman. A ruthless pirate. Their formidable bond.

Seonag Ruane never believed her father died in an ambush. She knows hePOB_BrennaAsh_APiratesWrath_2500 was betrayed by men he trusted. Driven by her mother’s grief and her own need for vengeance, Seonag will do whatever it takes to discover the truth. Even risk her own life. Her plan for revenge never included falling in love with the sweet-tongued pirate who shared his secrets late at night.

Captain Colin Harris’ closest friend, Sean Ruane, was killed by his mutinous crew. He vows to avenge his death by seeking retribution and recovering the bounty the ship was transporting. It’s the least he can do for the family left behind. His mission is hindered when he discovers the lad he’s mentoring is actually a woman in disguise and possibly a spy.

Angered by her deceit, he imprisons the imposter. Too late, after the woman is taken captive, he realizes she is Seonag, his late friend’s daughter.

Will he get to her before his mistake takes away the one woman that makes him whole? Has Seonag failed in her quest to destroy those responsible for her father’s death?

Grab your copy by clicking here!

Brenna loves to connect with her readers and can be found on:

Happy reading, all! I hope you continue to stay safe and healthy! I can’t wait for you to see my newest Scottish historical cover… Next month!


3 thoughts on “Elizabeth Watson’s Newsletter

  1. Really enjoyed One Scottish Knight I read it a couple weeks ago. Thank you for the signed copy, refrigerator magnet and bookmark. I received them today. I really like any books with a Scottish theme to them.
    Thank you again.
    Heidi Nininger

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